Corporate Wellness

It occurred to me that many companies have a problem with employees who are often sick. This brought to mind the possibility of a corporate wellness program that I could provide which would benefit small to medium sized companies. How would this work? I am able to tap into cellular memory to determine the cause of most health problems as well as the natural remedy. I do this over the phone via a toll-free number. I have done this very successfully for the past 18 years and have hundreds of happy clients world-wide that will verify the validity of what I do. For a monthly fee, based on the number of employees, I could test each employee regularly and keep them healthy. A 15-30 minute phone call would be much better than an employee taking a day of sick leave and spending the day in the doctor´s office only to come home with drugs that will merely treat the symptoms. I deal with the cause of illness naturally, and my clients usually recover quickly, sometimes in minutes, depending upon the cause.