Many people are diagnosed with Osteoporosis every year, but don´t know what to do about it other than to try a supplement with Calcium or to take some medicine that is often prescribed. It is not a big surprise that neither one works. Elemental Calcium, (the white tablets) are not very bio-available and drugs just treat symptoms. To rebuild the Calcium in the bones requires a good bio-available source. Here is a recipe that will work for the majority in 3-4 weeks: 1. put a cup of Kale, a cup of Swiss Chard, a cup of Spinach, and a cup of Broccoli in a blender with 3-4 cups of water. 2. Blend it until totally liquid and keep it in the frig. 3. Drink one-half glass, (four ounces or more) each day for 30 days and then recheck your bone density. You will find that it has improved greatly, and you also feel better from drinking such a nutritious blend. Questions? Please contact me at Silverwood08@gmail.com