Many people suffer with a skin rash called Shingles. It is very painful and can last for a week or more. Most people don´t know what causes it, only that they have it and are miserable. Shingles is caused by the Herpes virus. To stop getting Shingles, you have to kill the virus. However, if you currently have an outbreak, immediately put Virgin Coconut Oil on the rash and the pain will go away in about 10 minutes. The coconut oil will kill the virus on the skin, but you also have to kill it internally. A new product called EPF will kill it quickly. You should also be aware that the Herpes virus attacks your eyesight, so it is important to use Virgin Coconut Oil on your face and around your eyes both morning and night for a week or two. If you do this, you will probably notice an improvement in your eyesight.