Sometimes Frustration is Overwhelming

I tend to fight frustration on a daily basis, but sometimes it is overwhelming and wears me down. Those are times that I am tempted to say something that I might later regret. Let me explain: I have been given an incredible, valuable and unique gift. I can tap into cellular memory to determine the cause of most health problems as well as the natural remedy. In addition, I can do this just as accurately over the phone as in person, and have done this for 18 years. I now have clients in over a dozen countries around the world and test them via Skype. What frustrates me is that most people are close minded to anything they don´t understand. I realize that it is weird, but it works and is extremely accurate.

I love helping people and have always had an altruistic nature. I normally charge a small fee, but at least half of what I do is free to people on a fixed income, anyone in Christian ministry, and anyone in active military service or recent veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan. What frustrates me the most is when I offer to help someone for free and they reject my help because it isn´t orthodox, or because their doctor says that it isn´t real.

Over the years, I have developed remedies for things like Chronic Fatigue, Hepatitis C, Lyme disease and many other common illnesses. I remember one woman who had an article on the internet indicating that she had suffered with Lyme disease for 10 years and it had bankrupted her family. I had compassion for her and offered to help her for free. When I explained what I do and how it could benefit her, she accused me of being a con-man. Good grief! I was offering her a free service. My frustration overflowed at that point and I said, ¨you are right! I can´t help you! I can fix a lot of things, but I can´t fix ¨stupid¨.

Today, I ran into another person with a serious health problem. She is a young woman who is in a wheel chair as a result of a diving accident. She has very limited use of her arms and legs, although they are not paralyzed. I tested her without her knowing it and discovered that her only problem is the fact that her Occipital bone is out, cutting off the electricity to her arms and legs. I have a product that has a frequency that will cause the Occipital to go back to home base in two days, which would give her arms and legs the electricity that they need in order to function normally. I explained everything to her, but she is just not interested, even though it would only cost $10. Oh, the frustration! She could be walking, but is close-minded to what will help her.

I was at a farm and there was a horse that was just skin and bones. I tested the horse, and it had a bad virus. An herb called ¨Cat´s Claw¨ would fix the problem in 5 days, but the owners didn´t believe me because the Vet said it had Colic. The Vet is correct, but the Colic is a symptom of the virus. If they kill the virus, the Colic will go away. Because I am not a doctor and do not have an alphabet after my name or an office with walls covered in degrees, people are reluctant to believe anything that I say. That is the kind of frustration that I face daily.

I have even subscribed to forums for specific ailments. However, I have concluded that they are just there so that people can co-miserate. If I attempt to offer help, I am banned from the forum because I am not a doctor. If only I could get people to go to my website and read what I do and the testimonials etc, perhaps there would be more acceptance. And then, Obama-care is going to open more minds very soon.