The ¨Acid Reflux¨Nonsense

¨Acid Reflux¨!  It sounds serious.  But, is there really such a thing?  NO!!!!   It is just a name given to a group of symptoms so that the doctor can justify prescribing more drugs to treat the symptoms, which is all that drugs do.  Why not deal with the cause instead?  I have helped dozens of people correct this situation, and the cause is always the same - a hiatal hernia.  A hiatal hernia is when the stomach tips up and pinches the esophagus.  When that happens, some of the food doesn't reach the stomach and ferments in the esophagus, making acid.  The cause of a hiatal hernia is generally one of three things:          

  1. Crossing your legs when you sit
  2. Slouching when you sit
  3. Lifting heavy objects   

To take drugs to treat the symptoms is total nonsense, when the problemcan be corrected in minutes by following a few simple directions given over the phone.  If you are suffering with this, call me toll-free from the US or Canada and I will give you instructions on how to correct it. (for free)  Drugs arenot the answer.  I can be reached at 1-208-968-5797