The Answer for Chronic Fatigue

Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Usually drugs are prescribed to treat the symptoms, but rarely is the cause addressed. My youngest daughter suffered with Chronic Fatigue for 8 years and no one could help her though I sought the advice of dozens of doctors, chiropractors and other health practitioners. When I learned about cellular memory and how to tap into it to find the cause of health problems as well as the natural remedy, everything changed. I found two things that were the cause and was able to fix both very quickly. In two days, all of her energy came back - after 8 years. Since that time, I have helped hundreds of people to recover from this problem by finding and eliminating the cause. There is a common cause that almost everyone misses. When the Occipital bone is out, the Vagas nerve gets pinched, shutting off electricity to various parts of the body. Sometimes the person also has a hiatal hernia, which pinches the Vagas nerve again. When they have both, their energy level is nil. Both can be fixed in two days.