WARNING!!! Radiation From Fukushima is Affecting Millions

It is becoming more apparent that radiation levels are high and are affecting millions of unsuspecting people. The thyroid cancer rate is going to soar, and it is not just on the West Coast. It is being picked up from the Pacific Ocean and dropped in the form of rain, all over the US and Canada, creating ¨hot spots¨. If you go into one of those hot spots, you get irradiated. In addition, so many people are still swimming, surfing and beaching on the West Coast, not realizing what they are being exposed to, and wondering why they have a persistent cough, body rash, or flu-like symptoms. Many more are still eating seafood and Sushi from the Pacific that is high in radiation, and haven´t experienced any symptoms yet. Radiation levels are measured in counts per minute (CPM´s). A count of 30 is normal, 50 is abnormal, 100 is alert level, and 300 is evacuation level. Independent scientists have done testing at various places around the US and many of the readings were in the 400-500 CPM range. I receive calls almost daily from people who aren´t feeling well and don´t know what is causing the problem. I am now finding radiation poisoning in at least 25% of those that I test. In Seattle, 5 out of 9 people tested had radiation poisoning. Bentonite baths will pull the radiation out of the body. So will a tincture of Spotted Knapweed or Beta Glucan. I test for how much, how often, and how long to take these things for the best results. If you think that you have radiation poisoning, you can always call me toll-free at 1-208-968-5797.