Carpal Tunnel

Today, because everyone works on a computer, it is assumed that when their wrists are bothering them that the problem is Carpal Tunnel, and surgery is usually suggested as the remedy.  What is not understood is the fact that very few people actually have Carpal Tunnel or need surgery.  In most of the cases, there is nothing wrong with the wrist and the pain is being referred from a different part of the body, namely, the ankles.  The electrical meridian goes from the ankle to the wrist.  When the ankle is out of joint, the pain most often goes to the wrist.  The problem can be corrected quickly by merely adjusting the ankle.  I have seen this over and over with my clients, and have yet to find someone who is diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel to actually have a problem with the wrist.  When the ankle is adjusted, the problem goes away.