Herbicide & Pesticide Poisoning

Today, we are being systematically poisoned by GMO foods that are full of herbicides and pesticides. I am finding this poisoning in 30% of the people whom I test, and the number keeps increasing as more and more foods are being genetically modified. Fortunately, there is a way to remove the poison before it does too much damage. Usually the symptoms will include digestion problems, but sometimes it settles in the brain and causes other traumatic issue that take longer to re-mediate. If you are eating corn and soy products, smoking, or using canola oil, you are, most likely, accumulating the poisons. With women, the pesticides often settle in the breast. If you are having breast pain, it may be due to pesticide poisoning. A lot of potatoes, including the french fries at one of your favorite fast food places are now made with GMO potatoes. The corn chips at a lot of Mexican restaurants are made with GMO corn. Please be careful what you eat. Your health and your life is at risk today, more than any other time.