Radiation Poisoning

The Tragedy Has begun!

There are roughly 330 million people in the US. A very conservative estimate is that 15% (nearly 50 million) of them are suffering from radiation poisoning and don´t know it. They run to the doctor, because of the flu-like symptoms or persistent cough, and are given antibiotics, which do nothing as the symptoms continue. Because the radiation usually attacks the thyroid and/or the lungs and bronchials, they will start to feel tired and run down while their bodies are developing cancer. Where are the warnings? A couple hundred people get measles and it is all over the news. Fifty million are very ill and there is total silence. This is a tragedy that makes Ebola look minuscule, and yet nothing is said about it.  A year ago, 25% of those that I tested had radiation poisoning. Today, that number has increased to roughly 50%. Fortunately, I have a number of ways to get rid of the radiation quickly, and also some ways to prevent the body from absorbing it. Some of my clients have had it numerous times over the past 12 months. Where is it coming from? Most is coming from the melt-down that occurred at the nuclear power facilities in Fukushima, Japan about 4 years ago. Since that time, they have been dumping 300,000 gallons of highly radiated water into the Pacific Ocean every day. The currents have carried it to the West Coast of the US, where it has traveled from Mexico to Alaska, killing most sea life in its wake. From the Pacific, it is picked up in the air and dropped all over the US and Canada in the form of rain and snow. This creates HOT SPOTS and if you go into one of those areas, you get radiated. Most of those hot spots are from a particular form of radiation called Iodine 131 and have a half life of 8 days. What that means is that in 8 days, it dissipates and is no longer there.  However, it does not dissipate from your body.  You have to get rid of it.  Once you have had it for 12-14 months, it creates nodules on your thyroid or lungs.  A few months later, the nodules become tumors.  Last week, I tested a young woman from the East Coast who had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  She is very healthy, except for radiation poisoning, which she has had for 17 months.  Last Friday, she had her thyroid removed, however, there are nodules on her lungs also.  This is a tragedy.  Many of the people, that I have tested over the past few months, have had the radiation poisoning for 8 months or more.  What that means is that, in about 6 months, there are going to be millions of people in the US and Canada with cancer, and yet, nothing is being said.  If you think that you may have radiation poisoning, call me, toll-free at 1-208-968-5797 and I will do a quick screening for free and if it is there, I will tell you how to get rid of it.  It will take about 1 minute to check you for radiation, and this could save you a lot of agony, and maybe even save your life.

Radiation and The Depopulation Plan

There is a definite plan to depopulate the earth by at least 90%. It is being carried out in numerous ways that include the radiation from Fukushima, GMO food, manufactured viruses, weather modification and more. If you want to be informed from someone with impeccable credentials, watch the listed video and check out this article. It is much worse than anyone is saying. Pass this on to everyone you know.

Fukushima Update

Scientific studies around the US have shown that in many areas, especially on the West Coast, the radiation levels increased ten-fold from 2013 to 2014. I am also finding that there are very large hot-spots in some areas that are affecting thousands of people without them knowing it and the cancer rates are soaring. If you have a persistent cough, flu-like symptoms, a runny nose, a rash on your body, or just feel out of sorts, the odds are you may have radiation poisoning. If you suspect this, call me and I will test you to see if this is the problem and provide you with a natural remedy to get rid of the radiation. My toll-free number is 1-208-968-5797. (It goes over the internet) I will not charge you for this test, so don´t hesitate. You life may depend on a simple phone call.

WARNING!!! Radiation From Fukushima is Affecting Millions

It is becoming more apparent that radiation levels are high and are affecting millions of unsuspecting people. The thyroid cancer rate is going to soar, and it is not just on the West Coast. It is being picked up from the Pacific Ocean and dropped in the form of rain, all over the US and Canada, creating ¨hot spots¨. If you go into one of those hot spots, you get irradiated. In addition, so many people are still swimming, surfing and beaching on the West Coast, not realizing what they are being exposed to, and wondering why they have a persistent cough, body rash, or flu-like symptoms. Many more are still eating seafood and Sushi from the Pacific that is high in radiation, and haven´t experienced any symptoms yet. Radiation levels are measured in counts per minute (CPM´s). A count of 30 is normal, 50 is abnormal, 100 is alert level, and 300 is evacuation level. Independent scientists have done testing at various places around the US and many of the readings were in the 400-500 CPM range. I receive calls almost daily from people who aren´t feeling well and don´t know what is causing the problem. I am now finding radiation poisoning in at least 25% of those that I test. In Seattle, 5 out of 9 people tested had radiation poisoning. Bentonite baths will pull the radiation out of the body. So will a tincture of Spotted Knapweed or Beta Glucan. I test for how much, how often, and how long to take these things for the best results. If you think that you have radiation poisoning, you can always call me toll-free at 1-208-968-5797.

Do You Have Radiation Poisoning?

Radiation from Fukushima has spread all over the US and Canada. It is being picked up from the Pacific Ocean and dropped in the form of rain and snow. It is creating hot spots in various places and if you go into one of those hot spots, you get radiation poisoning. Most people don´t know that they have it and some don´t have symptoms in the beginning. Others will have a persistent cough, a rash on their body or neck, or what seems to be a cold. It mainly attacks the thyroid and the lungs, but can also affect other parts of your body. With the number of people that I test who have it, I am expecting thyroid cancer to increase dramatically in the next year. There are natural ways to prevent it as well as to release it from your body.

If you suspect that you may have it, contact me by email at Silverwood08@gmail.com, or call me toll-free VOIP at 1-208-968-5797