1.     There are only two eye colors, blue and brown.  There are various shades of blue and brown, but yellow, green or hazel are the result of toxic build-up in blue eyes.

2.     Most low back pain is being referred to the back from some other part of the body.  It often happens when the Occipital bone is out.  There are two herbs that have a frequency that will cause the Occipital bone to go back to home base in two days.

3.     Many people diagnosed with carpel tunnel do not have anything wrong with their wrists.  Their ankle is out of joint and referring the pain to the wrist.

4.     Most food allergies can be reversed in minutes with a little-known manual adjustment.

5.     The radiation from Fukushima is affecting millions of people in the US and Canada, but most do not realize it, and doctors don´t test for it. It attacks the lungs and thyroid.

6.     Falling hair is often caused by the production of 5 Alpha Reductase, which produces DHT in the body.  The production of 5AR can be stopped by adding 4 things to your daily diet. Sometimes, a deficiency in silica can be the cause of falling hair as well.

7.     The sun does not cause skin cancer.  The skin is your largest eliminative organ and is trying to eliminate the cancer cells that are on the inside.

8.     The use of sun block actually causes skin cancers because you are putting chemicals on your skin and they are reacting to the sun.  When sun block was first introduced, the incidence of skin cancer doubled overnight.  Lifeguards in Australia, are out in the sun all day long and never use sun block.

9.     Most skin problems are a result of poisons coming out of the skin from inside the body.

10.  Osteoporosis can be reversed by simply adding the right things to your diet on a daily basis.

11.  The rule of thumb for the amount of water to drink each day is 1 ounce for every 2 lbs of body weight.

12.  Fungus in your sinus cavity can be eliminated in minutes with a little known technique.

13.  Most environmental allergies can be reversed by feeding the adrenal glands properly.

14.  Approximately one in 300 people are estrogen dominant.  Even men can have this problem.  It can usually be resolved with a natural progesterone cream.

15.  The cause of Fibromyalgia is repressed emotions.  When these are dealt with and released, the pain goes away.

16.  Hepatitis C can be cured in 15 days, naturally.

17.  Lyme disease can be eliminated naturally in 2-3 weeks or less.

18.  Almost all, of those who are diagnosed with acid reflux, have a hiatal hernia, which can be fixed in minutes, manually.

19.  Bacteria, from an improperly done root canal, can spread to your whole body and can cause cancer.

20.  Herbicides, Pesticides, and Glyphosate from GMO food disrupt the digestive system and can cause cancer.  Pesticides often settle in the breast of women.  They are also very toxic to your liver.

21.  Candida can be eliminated quickly using the right substance.

22.  All medicine is toxic to the liver.  It is inorganic and your body is organic.  You can´t digest it, so your body either has to eliminate it or store it.

23.  Brain fog, dizziness, and body pain are often the result of the Occipital bone being out.

24.  Coconut Oil will kill the Herpes virus on the skin.  If the virus is around your eyes, using coconut oil daily will kill it and also improve your eyesight.

25.  Using the right HGH activator can make you feel 20 years younger and increase your strength by 88% according to clinical tests.

26.  Butter is good for you and margarine is bad.  Margarine is just 2 chemical reactions away from being plastic.

27.  Insomnia, or not being able to get a good night’s sleep is usually because the Adrenal glands are exhausted.  They can be rebuilt in 7-10 days, naturally.

28.  Gallstones can be passed in one day with a simple cleanse.

29.  Bone spurs are a result of calcium settled out of solution because it is the wrong kind of calcium.  Natural calcium will re-absorb the calcium from the bone spur in 30 days or so.

30.  Bentonite absorbs 40 times its weight in toxic waste from your body.

31.  ADHD almost always involves a food allergy as well as a deficiency and/or a subluxation.

32.  Most sinus and asthma symptoms can be greatly reduced by eliminating dairy, wheat and sugar from the diet.

33.  The spice Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory and also an excellent brain food.  It improves memory and soothes tendonitis.

34.  Joint cartilage can be rebuilt quickly with a special Barley Gold and collagen.

35.  New furniture, carpet or paint will out-gas for 1-2 days.  It is advisable to leave the windows open for a few days to allow this.

36.  Coconut Oil taken internally stimulates brain function and will often help those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

37.  Your body has 4 eliminative channels: lungs, skin, kidneys, & bowels.  You are supposed to eliminate 2 lbs of metabolic waste from each channel every day.

38.  Good health involves 3 areas: physical, emotional and spiritual.  Like a 3-legged stool, you must have all three in balance to be totally healthy.

39.  The only good calcium to supplement with must come from dark green leafy vegetables.

40.  Heavy metals can be eliminated from the body with a tablespoon of liquid cilantro 3x per day for 7 days.

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