Now you're asking, so just how do I work with Mike?

There are two ways to work with Mike:

Monthly Subscription

Sign up for the monthly subscription service that meets your needs. Mike will schedule the first call with you to do the comprehensive analysis that takes approximately 30 minutes.  You will be able to work with Mike whenever there is a concern you would like to discuss with him. Monthly subscriptions is a 3-month minimum commitment. 

One Time Consultation: 

This option is for those that don't have a need or desire to have Mike on retainer each and every month.  A one time consultation includes a phone consult and comprehensive analysis. This initial fee will include weekly rechecks for up to one month.

With the subscription service, you can forget about co-pays, pricey premiums or refusal of service. This will be the most affordable, holistic, and natural alternative health solution you will ever find, and you have the option to cancel it at any time if you are not satisfied. You will be amazed at the accuracy of the testing and the results that you will experience.

 Mike uses cellular memory and the electricity of the body to determine the cause of most health problems as well as the natural remedy.  The beauty of his services is that they are all provided over the phone via a toll-free number. Why does this work? Everything in the universe works by electricity and frequencies. Your body and the telephone work the same way. Frequencies also travel through the air or we wouldn’t have TV, WIFI, Cell phones, Radio, GPS, or even the automatic key fobs for unlocking and locking your car door.