Here From Some Of Mike's Clients

I was introduced to Mike Carey by Amy with Strongestminds. For Years I suffered with stomach pain and expensive prescriptions , all to have cured in 4 days taking a teaspoon of coconut oil each morning. Thank you Mike.
— Referral
I have suffered with Hepatitis C for 30 years and finally gave up on trying to get rid of it because none of the drugs that I have take helped. My sister referred me to Mike Carey. She spoke very highly
of him and that he had helped her with many of her health problems. I was skeptical, but eventually called him. He came across as being very confident in what he does, so I decided to try one more time. He pin-pointed things that were compromising my body and told me how to fix them. Then, he suggested an all-natural protocol to get rid of the Hepatitis C. After only 3 weeks, I was feeling so much better that I had tests run to see if I was still sick with the Hep C. Low and behold, it was
gone. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is suffering with just about any illness. He has an amazing gift.
— Victor - New Jersey
Mike is an amazing man with an amazing gift! After my short conversation with him, he was able to tell me what was causing numerous problems in my body. He sputtered off 3 things that made absolute complete sense after he said them. I said to myself “How in the hell does he know this?” I had symptoms for months but kept making excuses of why they were happening and what I needed to do to take care of them. Mike gave me the solution to make me feel better, and with in two short weeks, I had NO pain, I had energy, and I felt great! I absolutely dislike going to the Dr just so they can tell me that there is nothing wrong with me! Now, all I have to do is call Mike and he makes me all better!
— Christine, Kansas
I spoke with Mike from a suggestion of one of my friends who had great success working with him. I didn’t have any specific ailments in mind when I first spoke with him, but after his diagnosis of only 2 health issues, it made complete sense. I am excited to have addressed first 2 issues but even more excited to be a part of his subscription program that will allow me AND my whole family to continue down our path of natural health. The hubby and kiddos are lined up next to talk with Mike. What a God send!
— Crystal, Kansas
Last year, my 11 year old daughter was playing basketball and during a game she became short of breath and started hyper ventilating. We pulled her from the game, had her breathe in a bag and lie down but the shortness of breath would not go away. We proceeded to take her to Urgent Care and have them do some tests on her. After 3 hours of various tests, they could not find anything wrong with her, yet she continued to have problems being able to take a deep breath. As a mother, I became worried and didn’t know what else to do and then a friend referred me to Mike for an over the phone muscle test. At this point I was willing to do anything, even if it was having my daughter talk to a complete stranger over the phone and be told what was wrong with her. Which, now I am so glad that I did call Mike! After my daughter being on the phone with Mike for less than a minute and with little information, he was able to tell us that my daughter had a rib out of place and where it was. He told us to have her see a chiropractor and right away we were able to get in. The chiropractor knew nothing of this phone conversation with Mike and looked my daughter over and said that she had a rib out of place in the same area that Mike had told us earlier! He then adjusted her and she was healed! My daughter and I know that God had worked through Mike to be able to get her the help that she needed. God does work in mysterious ways and gives every one of us gifts. God has given Mike a gift to help others with their health and to that I am very appreciative!
— Amy, Washington State
Mike has made such a difference in my health and quality of life. For twelve agonizing years, I suffered from debilitating pain in my hands; the inflammation from which was likely a precursor to my cancer. I have Mike Carey to thank for fixing what stumped conventional medical doctors. For years I heard “you have arthritis, take Advil”, “you have carpel tunnel, take Advil”. Well, I didn’t want to take toxic drugs, but I felt I had no choice—until I met Mike. He told me that the “carpel” or “arthritis” I suffer is actually due to my occipital bone being out of line and told me of a tincture or tea that would fix this. Well, wouldn’t you know it, three days on the tea and I was pain free. Mike also told me that I had heavy metal toxicity (specifically mercury, aluminum and fluoride), and that likely this was a major contributor to my cancer. The remedy was simple and the metals were gone in 7 days.
Since then I have been recommending Mike to many of my customers—all of whom are very grateful for his expertise.
— E. Jacobs, New York

Thanks for your holistic health consultation. I was delighted to be able to reduce my supplement intake to a more manageable quantity and your simple, easy to apply remedies were very practical and useful. Your confidence and gentle manner inspired me to accept a healing miracle in my life. It also helps that you are the picture of health yourself. It’s a wonderful gift to offer to others.
— Michael, Vancouver, BC
I want to thank Mike Carey so much for all of his help and support. He is always there to help you. I had chronic pain In my left shoulder blade for over 10 years with no real relief. After consulting with Mike, he told me to take a few natural products that would help me. Within a very short time, I had no more pain. I have had other problems with adrenal exhaustion and again, now I am feeling good I highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to get relief. He is able to test you and then recommend products that will correct your problem.
— Elaine C., Florida
I have known Mike for nearly 20 years. During that time period I have personally been the recipient of his “gift” on numerous occasions. I have referred many people, over the years, to Mike and he has been able to help most of them with their health issues. Make no mistake, he can not cure everyone that comes to him but most people have benefitted from his gift, his knowledge and his years of experience.
— Stephan C., Texas
Thank you for being who you are and what you have done for me. I thank God for you.
— Carrie, DeBlois Idaho
I have known Mike for 14 years and he is amazing at what he does. My AC1 levels were elevated. Mike tested me and told me that it was caused by a cyst on my pancreas. He told me a simple way to get rid of the cyst and I followed his instructions. Had I not, I may have eventually become a diabetic. My blood sugar levels have been normal since that time. Mike has also cured me of both bacterial infections and viral infections. At one time, I had a growth on my head and had it removed and biopsied. Before the report came back, Mike tested me and told me that it was not cancerous, which the biopsy report later confirmed.
— Michelle, New York
I met Mike through a business networking group a couple of years ago. I had explained to Mike that I got sick when I was 20 years old with genital herpes, Mike spoke to me of his skills, I call them gifts. Mike has the ability to tap into your body’s electrical system and cellular memory. The body tells him what you need to heal inside your body using all natural vitamins and herbs. Pretty simple, but like most people I was a little sceptical. I then received a call from Mike telling me that he had a developed a natural remedy for Herpes. I wanted to be healed of this and was told by every doctor that I ever met that it was impossible. I have been emotionally sick over this all my adult life and the effects have been horrible. I have taken medicine for years trying to keep this at rest, I have no idea what damage I have done because of this medicine. Mike tested my body and told me the pills that I needed to take. I did this for just 10 days and the result was incredible. it has been 10 months now and I have not been sick. Mike has rechecked me and told me that herpes is now dead in my body. This is the first time in 25 years I feel like a man again. I cannot tell you the joy and peace in my heart this has brought. Mike has a very gentle personality and wants to help people get well. I highly recommend him to help you.
— Joey, New York
Mike Carey’s healing abilities are a gift from heaven. He has helped me with my energy, helped clear up old health issues like food sensitivities, poor liver function, digestive problems and mental clarity troubles. His methods are without doubt the simplest solutions to health issues I’ve had for years that MD’s would not even acknowledge I had. I truly believe his talents are a gift bestowed to him for people who may be out of other options. I continue to rely upon him to maintain my health as I age.
— Paul F., daho
I was introduced to Mike Carey by Amy with Strongest minds. For Years I suffered with stomach pain and expensive prescriptions , all to have cured in 4 days taking a teaspoon of coconut oil each morning. Thank you Mike.
— Pam M., New Hampshire
No words can express the gratitude I hold for the help received thru your work. I have wanted to send a word of thanks sooner and describe the reaction of the “Health Care Professionals” that have made a fortune out of doing “0” to help me with my medical issues. I actually had a Harvard trained dermatologist tell me that he would not help me and that the prevailing opinion was that “ it was all in my head”. Now after 3 appointments with you and the striking improvement in my skin and blood tests returning to normal (the first time ever) the nurses are asking questions , have I been going to a chiropractor or other health care provider. To be able to receive real concise information and a positive route to improvement is truly a Godsend. The spiritual boost and reaffirmation of my faith and return to a positive outlook on life and my place in it was brought to me thru the healing process . I am still have issues in my upper leg , and feet however I feel life returning to them. Thank you so much your help has truly saved a life and a soul.
— Vic, New York